Htet Computer science Syllabus Pgt Computer science Syllabus

Htet Computer science Syllabus, Pgt Computer science Syllabus
htet pgt computer science syllabus

In the post, we provide htet and pgt computer science syllabus. We provide only a computer science subject base on the syllabus. 
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Computer fundamental and operating system:- introduction to computer system, history of computer, different type of computer, generation of computer components of computer. advantage and disadvantage of computer

Word processor:- Introduction of MS Word. Component of MS Word. Cut copy paste in MS Word. Formatting and editing text, inserting picture and graphics, tables, mail merge technique in MS Word, creation of table, picture and graphics.

Electronic spreadsheet:- Introduction to MS Excel, worksheet, workbook, introduction to cell, row and column, basic functions ( Sum(),Max(),Min(),Avg(),)

Number System and logic gates:- Introduction to number system ( Decimal binary octal and hexadecimal). Different type of conversion. Introduction to logic Gate (and or not) with truth table and electronic circuit.

MS PowerPoint:- Introduction to MS PowerPoint, different type of slides creation and transitions.

Introduction to C++ and Basic concept of oops:- Introduction to C++ language, basic concept of oops.( classes polymorphism reusability operators overloading)Different data types:- Introduction to data types( int char float double void) and data modifiers( long signed and unsigned)

Operators and expressions:- input and output operators, unary binary and ternary operators, relation and logical operators, assignment operator, comma operator, increment and decrement operators.
Control statement and loops: -  if, if else, switch case, while, do while, and for loop.

Introduction to array and introduction to structure: - one dimensional and two dimensional array, representation of one and two dimensional array in memory. Introduction to structure create a structure in C++
Programming in C++ :-

Structure : - defining a structure, creating structure variables, array of structure, passing structure member of functions.

Class and objects: - introduction to class, class declaration, class data member and member functions, private and public members, function defined inside and outside the class, nesting member functions, accessing class member functions, use of scope resolution operator, array used in class.

Friend function:- declaration and definition

Constructor and destructor:- declaration and definition of constructor type of constructors( default special parametrised copy constructors)

Deconstructor:- definition and use.

Inheritance:- concept of inheritance base class, drived class, visibility modes, type inheritance( single multiple and multilevel inheritance)

Data Structure through C++ :-
Introduction - data, data item, data structure

Stack:- introduction and operation push and pop operation.

Queue:- introduction, insertion and deletion in queue.
Array sorting:- selection and bubble sort.

Database concept and SQL commands:- Introduction to data and database concept of files, field and records.

Normalisation:- need of normalisation, normalisation form (first normal form, second normal form, third normal form), DDL, DML,

datatype in SQL: - integer decimal fixed length character variable and length character.

SQL commands: - create table create view drop table select from where group by having update insert delete.

SQL functions: - AVG,COUNT, MAX, MIN,SUM

Introduction to software engineering: -Introduction, major state of sdlc, survey, study investigations and fact recording, system implementation and testing. 

Concept of networking and internet:- introduction to internet,  WWW, URL, web address, HTTP, web browser, videoconferencing and firewall.

HTML: - introduction to HTML create a simple page basic tags and uses.

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